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JENNIFER RAE Testimonials
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“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on several occasions over the past few years. When she served as Club Administrator for the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, she handled the multifaceted demands of the club's day-to-day administration, as well as a plethora of requests from club committees and 200+ club members, with great aplomb, competence and good humor. She is a very dedicated professional who can always be counted upon to get the job at hand done.”  

-  William Dent, Executive Director, Natural Partners, Inc. 

"I am pleased to provide Jennifer Rae with a high recommendation in event management and web management. Using her event and web skills, she successfully designed a website to market and put into place logistical event components for the Wine Tasting & Auction held at the Cambodian Embassy in 2008. The event raised funds to remove landmines in Northwest Cambodia. The website served as a promotional tool, as well as link to purchase tickets for the event. She also helped guide the planning process for the event. Due to her contributions, the funds raised were used to remove landmines from three villages in Cambodia. I have also worked on an autism silent auction with Jennifer for another organization. Once again, Jennifer was well prepared and in command of the auction's presentation and effectiveness. When I arrived to help, things worked like clockwork, as usual, due to her professional preparedness and onsite management. I encourage you to consult Jennifer for event management and web management."
-  Brendan B. Adams, Former Director of Club Service/Rotary Liaison, Rotaract Club of Capitol City ~ Washington, D.C. 

“Jennifer combines thorough knowledge of web design with meticulous attention to detail. She is 100% reliable and maintains our websites with superb efficiency. Jennifer is also tremendously personable and a joy to work with.” Also, he noted that Jennifer provides great results, good value and high integrity.

- Julian Mansfield, Village Manager, Village of Friendship Heights, www.friendshipheightsmd.gov

“As a co-worker of Jennifer Rae for six years, I had firsthand knowledge of her abilities and attitudes as an employee. Ours was a small staff so we worked closely on a number of projects, as well as day-to-day operations. Among Jennifer’s many fine attributes as an employee I would single out her ability to work with people and her complete dedication to her job as the most outstanding. Jennifer was the primary contact point for the organization’s national network of schools, teachers and community organizations, as well as for those simply seeking information on the program. In this capacity, she excelled in forming solid relationships with a wide variety of people and was been responsible for the formation of untold numbers of new chapters. She handled requests, fielded questions and provided assistance with skill and grace. The nature of Jennifer’s position changed significantly over time, and she was called upon to expand her knowledge and skills to meet new demands. She met the challenges and was able to do more in the same amount of time. Jennifer was responsible for nearly all the logistics for the organization’s annual national/international conference, including registering the hundreds of attendees, arranging for workshops and exhibits, and overseeing the development of printed materials. She played an active role in both pre-conference planning and in the conferences themselves. As her co-worker, however, it was Jennifer’s attitude towards her job and the organization that was the most appreciated and impressive. She tackled each task with enthusiasm and did her level best to satisfy the requests of all senior executives. She willingly worked extra hours when necessary and was generous with her time and talents in helping her co-workers. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I would commend her to any potential employer.” March 25, 2009

- Cecelia Blalock, Director of Communications, Community Academy Public Charter School,           managed Jennifer indirectly at Young Astronaut Council